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Mind Blaster
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Mind Blaster Learning Enhancement Program

Mindblaster is the only learning enhancement program that systematically focuses a student's attention, while teaching and training a full range of cognitive learning skills.  Developed by a multi-disciplined group of professionals, MindBlaster utilized scientifically based and clinically proven techniques to provide an interactive, one-on-one experience.  This ten-week program, affectionately referred to as "mental boot camp," is one of the most unique, comprehensive, and effective learning methods to teach and train the underlying auditory and visual processing skills necessary for school success.

Who Can Benefit From MindBlaster?

If you or your student suffers from any of the following symptoms, then MindBlaster may be the right program for you.

  • Difficulty staying on task

  • Slow Worker

  • Poor Coordination

  • Poor Spelling

  • Weak Memory Skills

  • Sloppy, Careless work

  • Ineffective use of study time

  • Fidgety, restless

  • Clumsiness

  • Lacks motivation & drive

  • Difficulty coping

The MindBlaster development team includes psychologists, a pediatric optometrist, an audiologist, a speech-language pathologist, educators, and a reading specialist.  Together they have focused their collective energies and systematically created a program that encourages students to improve their mental abilities. and to realize their full potentials.

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